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Whenever I find myself too focused upon the struggles of my working or waking life, I know that one sure fire way to process them is to read more. No matter what I read, making meaning of words helps me make meaning of so much else.

If You Struggle With the Implementation, Revisit the Why

This is a great story for really understanding the purpose of using digital tools rather than focusing on the tools themselves. And, even if you know ‘the why’ it is important for you to learn how to revisit it with others on your team.

Our 17 favorite education moments from 2017

Many folks made huge contributions to learning in 2017, not the least of which was the educational exploits of Google. Some great research and digital citizenship projects went live last year!

Google Forms + Certify’Em = Custom Certificates for Students!

Although not quite as strong as implementing digital badges in the classroom, this might be a great step for helping kids (and adults) to understand the value of demonstrating their learning through digital means.

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