Sometimes it is hard to know which side of the door has the lock. Are we being locked out of something or being locked in? And, sometimes it is just easier to take the lock off entirely and leave the door open.

Building Trust with Challenging Conversations

This article is so honest about how difficult some educator conversations can be, and I appreciate the measured approach advocated for here. We can and should build trust through these conversations, and we should also learn from each one.

Here’s An Innovative Idea: Give Students A Say In Teaching

One of my favorite educators, Dan Sharpe, is the lead in this article about how many schools in the metro area are providing more student agency and ownership. While no school is perfect, knowing that there are educators making progress is encouraging.

The Friday Institute Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Online Course for Students

This student course is all about finding out what kind of learner you are and better advocating for your own personalized learning needs. What an amazing opportunity!

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