Month: <span>March 2013</span>

The Parent Perspective

Choice is the true trump card that parents have to play in educating their children. Many parents agonize over their school choices and advocate for specific options to become their chosen reality. There is passion behind these choices and fervor in their rhetoric. But, vocal support of choice doesn’t look like …

What promises are you making to learners?

I’m trying to create a set of norms or promises to live by in my collaborative work, but I would like to hear what other folks are promising to do for one another? What promises are you making to your stakeholders, whether they are learners or fellow professionals?

Reflective Practice Vlogging Community:

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A Teacher's Value

For all of the talk about how teaching is a professional vocation where skills and contributions are valued outside of schools and districts, the movement toward actually valuing the work of teachers has been slow in coming. In many ways, we value what we pay for or at least what …