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Important Posts

Although I treat every post as if it were earth-shattering, the truth is that many of them are passing ideas that never get picked up after they are released into the edublogosphere. The following are posts that seem to have a greater resonance with the larger education community as well as with myself.

  1. The #ISTE2016 Session Selection Process
  2. #IamEdTech: My reaction to the 2016 National Education Technology Plan (#NETP16)
  3. The Personalized Learning Environment and Needs Assessment
  4. The Project Roundtable Launch
  5. Using Technology to Personalize Learning (an EdWeek Webinar)
  6. It isn’t #ETMOOCs fault: Find your Own Slice of Learning
  7. The Fellowship of Open Spokes Launch (1.0)
  8. The Ripe Environment
  9. Why should Students Come to Class?
  10. Safety vs. Panic
  11. The 95 theses of progressive teaching
  12. Change in the Language Arts Department

If you are finished reading these older posts, you can check out the most recent LiC writing here.

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