Learning is Change

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My passion for learning and change leads me to collaborate with a great number of teachers, administrators, and larger organizations. I actively engage in the process of cultivating new relationships, growing a network of learning without end. Use this page to determine if your particular project/event requires someone of my enthusiasm and experience.

Learning is Change areas of expertise:

  • Professional development on

    • Web 2.0

    • Teaching writing with technology

    • Authentic Learning

    • Maximizing current infrastructure to take advantage of emerging technologies.

    • Blogging in the Classroom

    • Framing change for all stakeholders

    • Digital classroom management

    • Collaborative tools

    • Social networks as learning communities

    • Proposal/Pedagogy writing

  • Design of

    • Authentic learning pedagogy/curriculum

    • Visual (image and video) representations of educational concepts

    • Professional development documents

    • Product/Idea Branding

    • Disk images of open source educational software

  • Maintenance of:

    • Open source educational web systems (wordpress, moodle, bbpress, edubuntu)

    • Web 2.0 network/PD solutions (wikis, social bookmarking/annotation, screencasts, Google Applications, webinars)

  • Modeling/Teaching (inside or outside of the classroom):

    • 21st century learning environments

    • Social and Collaborative web-based applications in the classroom

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