Closer or Further Away

Closer or Further Away

Some folks make resolutions.

I just ask myself: ‘Will this get you closer to, or take you further away from, your goals?’ If it gets me closer, I do that thing. If it takes me further away, I don’t do that thing. It makes a lot of decisions easier.

How the Heck Do You Grade Choice-Based Learning?

Portfolio approaches to grading allow for students to own their learning to a greater degree. If this fits for your classroom/school, I highly recommend trying some of the advice found here.

The Personalized Learning Toolkit – EdSurge Guides

If you are looking for research and exemplars in the area of Personalized Learning, look no further than this guide from EdSurge. Find your entry point!

Bringing digital citizenship into the school curriculum

As we look to be our better selves on the internet in 2018, it is good to have a strong curriculum to guide us (and our students). The Be Internet Awesome digital citizenship curriculum for students & the accompanying teacher training course are great.

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