There are 2 types of ‘must’ experiences. The first is where you are forced by someone else to do something (i.e., ‘You must’). The second is where you feel compelled to do it for your own reasons (i.e., ‘I must’). How many ‘I must’ moments are you having?

Using Picture Books in the Middle School Classroom

Picture books are an content incredible resource that isn’t just for elementary classrooms. Find out more from one of our favorite educators who blogs about her practice regularly.

Storify Bites the Dust. If You Have WordPress, You Don’t Need Another Third Party Clown Service

Many folks have used Storify to capture tweets and other social media for professional learning and working with content in classrooms. Now that Storify is going away, here is a good alternative and discussion of how to choose tools wisely.

Using Google Keep for Grading Comments in Docs

Google Keep is one of the most under utilized apps in the G Suite, but this is a great way to start incorporating it into your student feedback workflow!

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