It is our job to prepare kids for what comes next. The unfortunate part is most of us can’t tell the future. Fortunately, though, the skill of thinking will never go out of style or be outmoded. Think for yourself, and model your thinking for/with kids.

Hour of Code

Create your own Google logo WITH CODE! This is a great Hour of Code project that you can do easily with kids, in any classroom.

Meet Remote for Google Slides, a new way to control your presentation slides

This is a great new resource for both student and teacher presentation in the classroom. Use your phone to view slide notes and advance slides!

Paper Signals by Isaac Blankensmith & Smooth Technology – Voice Experiments

Just click on ‘Launch Experiment’ to see how easy it is to make physical objects that can react to voice and triggers on the web. This is a great way to show the potential impact of coding in the real world!

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