Some decisions bring us closer to our goals and some take us further away from them. Reflection and time are the only two ways I know to know which is which.

Professional Development: Focusing on Student Choice

Great illustration of the differences between differentiation, personalization, and empowered learning. And, it all is in an effort to answer this single compelling question: ‘What decisions am I making for students that they could make for themselves?’

Embed HTML and JavaScript in the new Google Sites

In a huge update to the New Google Sites, you can now include dynamic information from other sources (including Twitter, iFrame websites, and data dashboards).

Leading News Outlets Establish Transparency Standards to Help Readers Identify Trustworthy News Sources

 In order for our students to become true digital citizens, we must seek out resources to support them in knowing how to determine trustworthy information online. This is one extremely compelling project that helps in this effort.

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