And, Away We Go!

And, Away We Go!

I find that we all need something a little different in order to support our learning. What types of resources help you to learn better (or faster)?

A podcast about productive disagreement. And other stuff. We’re still figuring it out.

A brand new podcast from two of the most thoughtful educators I know. I think there is something truly inspiring about educators getting together for a deep conversation and then recording it for others. I wonder what conversations are worth capturing here.

Device Free Dinner Educator Resources

Knowing when and how to use the device is a huge part of blended and personalized learning. And putting the device away sometimes is a part of that. There are some great resources for supporting our parents in helping kids make these informed decisions.

White Paper Series on PL Curriculum Selection – Part 1: Align Curriculum Goals with Personalized Learning Vision

For those of you who like white papers! I really like the idea of operationalizing a vision through curricular and instructional decisions.

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