Micro-credentials Galore

Micro-credentials Galore

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Can Micro-credentials Create More Meaningful Professional Development For Teachers?

I feel like listening to educators is probably a good way to go: ‘I don’t consider it extra work because you’re picking what you want to learn about and you’re getting to use it right away with the kids.’ – Megan Sayas, third-grade teacher

Structuring Customized Teacher PD Programs with Badges

The Turner Unified School District has done some amazing work to create a PD Gallery that is organized by the micro-credentials you can earn for upgrading skills and improving your practice. It is such a lovely concrete example for more personalized PD.

The Future of Educator Micro-credentials

We’ve been planning for educator micro-credentials throughout the 16-17 school year, but we are not alone. Here is the latest thinking, research, and advocacy for schools and districts who want to value their educators through badging.

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