Demo Time: Wonda VR for Creating robust 360 degree video experiences

Wonda VR Demo

“Next-Gen Social Learning XR Platform” – Demo from Maria Gemayel from Wonda VR

  • We have a philosophy of democratizing immersive learning.

  • VR is no longer a technology that is unknown or hard to come by.

However, the creation tools are still really hard!

Use Cases:

  • Language Learning “Immersion Programs”

  • Creative Writing
    • Capturing videos and using them to present multiple environments for storytelling

  • Leadership Training – Hearing the “internal monologue” of individual participants within a meeting

  • Campus Tours

  • Medical Training – Branching for how to interact with patients or other roles

Creation Tools:

  • Collaboration features within the web-based environment

  • You can also see “results” for who is watching/experiencing the sessions

  • Multiple viewers can see the same experience at the same time

Platform Availability

Roadmap for Wonda VR

I’m super intrigued by this platform, and I am excited to play around with it. I wonder how the collaboration tools work. The branching scenarios could be huge for building rapidly and creating more robust experiences.

Special thanks to @maria_gemayel for conducting this demo and for helping to share the work that Wonda VR is doing to democratize Virtual Reality for students and faculty.

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