Posting with Markdown

Posting with Markdown

This is my first attempt at posting and updating posts with Markdown.

I’m currently making this attempt on my iPad Pro with a wonderful app called mWeb.

Watch as this post grows throughout the day as I try more Markdown kinds of things. Here are the resources that I’m using to learn Markdown and get all of the syntax right, which is something I have wanted to do for years!

The part that I like most about this setup is my ability to continue to edit the post and have it synced across all of my devices as a plain text file. There is no need for logging into WordPress or to mess around with the WYSIWYG editor.

In order for this to work as an ongoing workflow, however, I need the following things to occur:

  • I must learn all of the syntax for robust markdown editing
  • I must keep an organized folder of my writing
  • I must continually come back to this process to ensure it works with new hardware and software (I can’t wait to see what new functionality will come with iPadOS 13.)
  • I must not rely upon merely the plain text, but rather think about how I can expand to embeds and other types of robust elements within my writing.

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