Ready or Not

Ready or Not

The end of the school year is fast approaching, whether we are ready or not. Will we be able to say we have done everything we can to support our kids this year? Will we be able to say we succeeded, that we are where we said we would be?

Ready or not?

OK Go makes some noise in the classroom

OK Go is not only a great band who makes incredible music videos, they are also engineers, scientists, and mathematicians. They now have curriculum that allows teachers and students to unpack their videos through those lenses, especially math application!

Reflecting on Maker Experiences with Reflection Cards

I really love the questions raised for reflection here! Whether you have a makerspace in your classroom/school or not, encouraging students to reflect upon their learning experiences is one of the surest ways to show growth and the application of skills.

You Think You Want Media Literacy… Do You? – Data & Society: Points

As one of the Keynotes from SXSWedu, danah boyd tackles the deep responsibilities that educators have for understanding media and how our children interact with it in a modern society.

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