We just hit 70 “yes” replies for this event.

We just hit 70 “yes” replies for this event. I’m so excited to have a good group of folks collaborating on the topic. Even if you can’t come, please come and add a few Questions for the roundtable group by clicking on the Q&A button of the trailer video. 

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I’m trying to find other schools and districts who are really engaged in using Google Apps as a true LMS. I know a lot of folks are experimenting and using Google Apps broadly for learning, but I would love to connect a few schools/districts together in a hangout to discuss the systems to support this in more than a single classroom or team of teachers. 

Who is doing this work at the district (or schoolwide) level?

Please fill out the Google Doc to set up if you would like to be on the video hangout or if you would like to simply be a viewer.

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