Question 285 of 365: When does advocacy become an employment strategy?

Question 285 of 365: When does advocacy become an employment strategy?

Oh, the Places You'll Go!
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Being in favor of things is not so very hard.

I’m for watching TV in the evenings. I’m for laughing with children. I’m for opening up boxes as soon as they come in the mail. I’m for remembering what I’ve done with those I’ve done it with. I’m for being quiet when screaming seems like the only alternative. I’m for screaming through the quiet. I’m for the scary moment in the morning when you realize just how much you have to do today. I’m for arm rests. I’m for spelling things out even when children aren’t present. I’m for innuendo. I’m for exaggeration and hyperbole and overstatement and repetition. I’m in favor of picking things up instead of stepping around them. I’m in favor of spending too much money on a movie and popcorn. I’m for clouds and rain. I’m for staring at strangers without their knowledge. I’m for separating candy from chocolate. I’m in favor of listening the same album over and over when it is just that good.

I can state all of these preferences quite easily and continue the list indefinitely, even as it spirals out of control into tangents and random mentions of my past. This is entertaining and time consuming but these are not passions, they are merely skipping stones across the surface. They are the brail of my life. They are the ways that people know I am me, but they are not the things that will last. They are not what will make someone take notice. They are not what will cause someone to stay tuned to what I have to say or want to hear more from my perspective.

Being in favor of something every day and stating that preference, so clearly and completely that will cause others to take notice. It is why politicians have staying power. It is why companies can execute. It is why people get hired. Being for one thing and showing it to anyone that will listen is the role I am choosing to do. It is the implied job of my life, the one laying just below the surface. Those are how passions reveal themselves over time. It is the diligence to be for something ad nauseum, but never to actually become sick.

I am drinking the koolaid, and I have for some time. I am taking deep and long sips and enjoying it. I am advocating for what I need every day now because I know that it is the only way that it will happen. And if Dr. Seuss‘ immortal words are any indication, it is only a matter of time before I will start happening too.

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