Question 284 of 365: When are we wedged in?

No matter how luxurious or feature-ridden, the back of a car
in-between two enormous carseats is not a comfortable place to be. As
you try to squeeze in the car past one set of feet, you push both of
the carseats, trying to make enough room for your waist. There is no
sitting back or putting on your seat belt. There is no deep breathing
either because your ribcage is constructed on both sides.

You are wedged in.

Wedged in by both of your wonderful children, but wedged in just the
same. It doesn’t feel good, but you know that you are doing it so that
someone else can sit up front. You are making the decision to stay in
the back, dealing with all of the curious things that children do to
their parents in tight quarters. It isn’t a hard one for you. You jump
right in because there isn’t anyplace you would rather be.

You are wedged in.

With the passion and fury of childhood. With the lack of logic and the
absurd reactions of each impulse. With the flailing arms and dancing
hands. The time stretches on and you keep eying the mile markers with
anticipation, although you really have no idea what marks the end. You
are asked to make contortions moves to get food and dole it out. You
are asked to get things that drop to the ground so repeatedly that you
aren’t sure if there is a time that your aren’t hunched over and
stretching out your fingers.

You are wedged in.

But, you know it isn’t forever. You know that at some point you will
be free and your breath will be less shallow. You will be able to
stand up and stretch out, seeing just how tall you are. And at some
point in the not too distant future you will be able to see how tall
your children are too. They will be standing next to you, outside
staring up at the sunshine and looking out at the future ahead of

Some day you will be like my mom and dad are today with each of their
three children happily married to amazing women. Today my parents know
what it is like to become unwedged. With any luck and persistence, I
will know this truth someday too.

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