Question 283 of 365: Who is in our carpool?

Question 283 of 365: Who is in our carpool?

I took my brother to school every day of his middle school career.

I was already going to our 7-12 campus for my high school education,
so it wasn’t any extra work. We would load up the car with the
requisite backpacks and band equipment (his) and we went to go pick up
the other three people in our carpool. We picked up Marisa and we
picked up Carolyn, and we sometimes picked up Jannette. And the
smokers would smoke and the non-smokers would try not to smell like

Every day, we had this ritual of playing loud music and singing along.
We would roll down windows even though it was hard to roll down the
windows. My brother and I would never talk about much other than
through the people in the back seat. Sometimes, though there wouldn’t
be anyone in the back seat. Sometimes, we would be forced to talk to
one another. We talked about what high school was all about and about
his impending success in musical theater and music creation. My advice
was never specific or very earth shattering, but that wasn’t what he
wanted anyway. He always had a pretty good idea of where he was
headed, even if it was in an opposite direction from myself.

He stayed in and around Ohio. I left for Colorado as soon as I could.

He became a worship pastor. I work in a public school district that is
separate from the religious world.

He dated one girl. I had a variety of dating experiences.

But, I suppose we ended up being in the same car together. He is
getting married to a woman he loves, just like I did. He loves
children and can’t wait to have some of his own. I felt the same way
just 5 years ago. He has the desire to provide for his family, and it
mirrors mine perfectly.

We were in the same car then because we were going to the same place.
We are in the same car now for the same reason.

Good luck, younger brother. I’m glad you are in my carpool.

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