SpeedGeek Learning: My call to Action

SpeedGeek Learning: My call to Action

SpeedGeek Learning
I have helped to build many things that I am proud of:

I am proud of them because they added something to the conversation. They have created learning experiences and connections for many people, and I am content to have a hand in each one.

They are, however, not originals.

They may each have their own sets of contexts, but they are not unique in their purpose. They do not create a sense of wonder at how we ever lived without them before in the way Youtube, Classroom 2.0, or Google Docs does now.

The Academy of Discovery tried so hard to be The Science Leadership Academy, eDCSD is built on the existing technology of Moodle, Google Apps, Blackboard, and edMastery. Discovery Utopia and -Isms are pencil and paper projects brought into the world of wikis and even this blog is modeled after the blogs of Will Richardson, Chris Lehman, Bud Hunt and Clarence Fisher.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to find something to throw myself into that has the potential to transform the way that people learn. I have wanted to be a part of something that grew from a single idea and blossomed into the forum that I want to spend all of my waking life within. I need to create something that isn’t just a collection of tools and pedagogy that anyone with enough time and interest would be able to figure out.

In short, I believe that I am called to create something new.

Not repackaged or relabeled, not collected and aggregated, not open sourced and hacked; I need to create something new.

And, I believe that I have found that thing. I believe that my call to action comes in the form of SpeedGeek Learning.

I have seen a gathering storm of people who are looking to gain knowledge from inspiring presentations, building upon the passion of others. I have seen a growing movement of Pecha Kucha learning, Ignite illumination, and Micro-Lecture authorship. The one thing that I have not seen is any platform to really bring these things together. There is currently no place to go and see a continuum of videos that give all sides to a given topic. We have the ability only to search, but not really find related and contextual materials. We have no ability to collaborate and connect around the impromptu communities that are demanded by our inspired words.

Enter SpeedGeek Learning.

Here is what I believe that SpeedGeek Learning is:

SpeedGeek Learning is people presenting ideas.

This is as simple as it gets. The passion that people have for their own ideas knows no bounds. Speedgeek Learning is about giving that passion to others. It is about putting in front of everyone a well organized argument, a creative solution, or just a powerful story. SpeedGeek Learning is about giving people the platform to voice something into being; A platform robust enough to allow people to debate their ideas and make them better.

Speedgeek Learning is “the network” made real.

A network is made of people. But, the infinite status updates that go out to everyone devalues each individual contribution. The obscure connections of friends 14 times removed eliminates the true connection possible. When entities can engage as “contacts”, the word becomes meaningless. SpeedGeek Learning is about making the network tangible, about showing the connections between ideas and allowing for true interaction between consumer and producer. It is about collecting value and adding to it, constantly.

Speedgeek Learning is everyone’s story

We learn through stories and without access to everyone’s story, we are missing out on lots of learning. SpeedGeek Learning is about taking full advantage of stories no matter where they exist, whether that is Youtube, Vimeo or on Speedgeek Learning itself. We want conversation to happen in a single place, but not for the stories to be all the same. That is why the most engaging learning happens when differences come to the forefront and the true drama of discourse can begin.

In a nutshell, though, SpeedGeek Learning is the only platform that will allow you to learn in context. It will allow you to organize the most engaging content on a subject and then have a conversation about it anywhere and any time without ever being taken away from that content for a moment. SpeedGeek Learning is the way in which I want to learn, and I hope that you feel the same way.

So, if you would like to know more about SpeedGeek Learning, here is the video I made to introduce it:

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at Drop.io

Here is the planning site that will give you insight into how the project is progressing.

And, here is the form that you can fill out if you are interested in helping bring this vision to life:

Please, come help me build something new, if you believe that you are called to do so as well.

Oh, and here are the initial videos that will be a part of SpeedGeek Learning. What is missing?

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