Focus on the Geek in SpeedGeek Learning

Focus on the Geek in SpeedGeek Learning

I have it on some very good authority that geeks are very passionate people. We seem to take much more upon ourselves just so that we can get something to work. We dial down into the minutae. We play around with things that other people seemingly have no time for. And yet, when we are passionate enough to make what we do paletable to the rest of humanity, others seem to value us.

Yes, I put myself among the geeks. I get overly excited when I place my fingers on an incredibly comfortable keyboard and start to type away. I have felt upgrade envy. I have gotten an overwhelming sense of satisfaction that I am the only one who has ever manually edited our Moodle database to allow for integration with our information management system.

So, what does this have to do with my new project, SpeedGeek Learning. Well, in short, I want to Geek out about things with others. I would like a space that makes it okay to know something so in-depth that you can win over even the most reluctant onlookers. I want other geeks to show off their geekdom and get credit for having done something for the first time.

Or, as Maya Bisineer puts it: Geeks are into figuring out Really Cool Stuff, or RCS. I believe that we must embrace the RCS that all of us have the capactity for. For, if our interactions and learning every day leaves out the passion of RCS, what the heck are we doing? Needless to say, Maya’s presentation will be one of the most important SpeedGeek Videos initially available on the site:

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