As things come together

As we meet to talk about bringing all tools under one roof, as we
start to work toward a single solution, as we start to use the same
language to discuss learning, as we get on the same page with
professional development models, as we create in the same formats, as
we pull from the same information and databases, as we get into the
same ganntt chart and project plan, as we start to realize the same
As we begin to all of these things more and more, I feel as though we
may lose some of what makes pushing boundaries seem so right.
 I believe that there is value in scope creep, so long as it is
reflective of the needs of learners.
I believe in not choosing a final solution.
I believe that disruptive innovation comes when fast moving ideas are
allowed to move fast.
I believe in knowing whose shoulders we are standing on and whose feet
we will support.

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