Educon Conversation, better late than never.

Educon Conversation, better late than never.

Educon Sat AM
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I have been going back through some of my audio files recently and I found a really good conversation from Educon 2.1.

This conversation was from John Pederson‘s Session, The Networked Learning Manifesto: Welcoming Parents into the Conversation.

You can find the actual Manifesto that sparked the conversation here.

The participants that I recognize from the audio are:

There are many voices that I don’t immediately remember or recognize, however. Which is a little sad because there are a lot of really good voices in the room.

The original recording for the session is here, but I believe that the audio isn’t quite as good as this excerpt. There is also a follow up conversation at Parents as Partners.

This is the kind of conversation that I need to keep reminding myself to come back to. Some very smart things were said about going to where parents are and becoming a person to them first before trying to “get them on board” with technology and networked learning.

I hope that we all follow up on the promise that this conversation evoked.

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