Strategy for Collaborative Learning

Strategy for Collaborative Learning

I recorded this podcast a few weeks ago, but I have sat on it for that long in order to mull everything over for a while.

The topic for this podcast is all about how we enumerate the exact needs found within the classroom that would require us to be collaborative and use tools like Google Docs, Wikis or Blogs. Many of us feel as though these needs are self-evident, but in the face of resistance, we need to be able to write them out and share them with others.

I will let the psudo-rant speak for itself, but I would like to repeat the question/s that I ask at the end:

What do you believe the needs are for a collaborative learner that would lead you to using Google Apps? What was the needs analysis that you underwent that led you to believe that a collaborative space was necessary?

(This sounds like a ridiculous question, but I think that it actually gets at a small portion of Karl Fisch’s much larger and better questions, found here.)

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