Install Moodle on an Oracle Database (in 25 minutes or less)

While this post may not be for my typical reader, I believe that it has value to the larger online education community, mostly because many of us are faced with making current systems work with what know to be the way forward. The specific system in question is using an Oracle database to work with Moodle. While it has been done before, some of the instructions didn’t ring true for me. I also wanted to be able to provide a step-by-step account of how I have done it and how it can be done.

So, without further ado, here is the Google Doc that gives the step by step account of just how to do it.

And, just to prove that it can be done in 25 minutes or less, I have included a screencast of the entire process that I used to revise the Google Doc and make sure everything works.

I hope it can be of use to you and yours.

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