Learning Networks and PD, the movie

Learning Networks and PD, the movie

Image by Targuman via Flickr

Although I didn’t really want to string this piece out for two posts, I think that thinking things through is really important for me. I guess that I really needed to talk it through as well and put some links behind the theory.

A year or two ago I would have said that those who were talking about PLN’s were simply blowing smoke. For a long time, I  thought that twitter and other social networks were just something that I did. I thought that the process that I went through to create Ripe Environments was the only way to do it. But, networks are about the other individuals, not the group that I see as mine (the connections that we all make, not the connections that I have made). Networks are about asking the right questions. Networks are about aggregating and archiving what is truly important to each person.

We just have to make sure that creating them is a priority. Any thoughts on how?

Learning Networks and PD from Ben Wilkoff on Vimeo.

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