A question

A question

This is a really interesting question.

First, if you are looking for engaging videos to show for professional development, I would look here:

As for introducing the subject of engaging students with technology, I think that you would really have to find a good itch that you think all of the teachers want to scratch. What is the one thing that they can do with technology and students that they couldn't do before? Why should they care about technology?

Places like http://classroom20.com, or http://supportblogging.com, or even something as specific as http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com/ would work well to figure out just how deep the topic goes with your teachers.

As for an article, I like http://blog.futurestreetconsulting.com/?p=94, many of the posts from http://weblogg-ed.com, or any of the presentations at slideshare about educational technology.

If you are really interested in starting this conversation, I would recommend that you start up a discussion group over at Google Groups or set up a wiki for this purpose. Or, simply get an e-mail group going if that is where your teachers are at. Creating an avenue for this kind of conversation is the only way to make it last. Let me know where you want to go from here. Creating change is not an easy business.

I am in need of your expertise:

I am preparing a session for teachers within my school district on engaging students with technology.  My emphasis is on 'ENGAGING' not on putting a child in front of a computer with headphones.  Some of our staff has forgotten that instruction still needs to take place even if your are using technology.

My question is…. How would introduce this subject… I would like to show a video to break the ice… Something like MR. BEAN or SEINFELD that would a lead into the subject.

Do you have any suggestions?

Also, I am looking for a professional article to share with teachers along the same subject.  

I would appreciate any help that you could give.  Thanks so much for inspiring me with your articles and presentations.

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