Learning Networks and Professional Development

Learning Networks and Professional Development

Models of Professional Development
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I am in the process of putting together a presentation that will be used to convince others that Learning Networks are a feasible and healthy part of a professional development plan. I have to make sure that it is concrete enough to be realistic but theoretical enough to apply to all stakeholders and in all learning situations.

While, I understand how learning networks function, they are incredibly hard to explain. I have tried using this presentation, though, and I am looking for any feedback possible. I mean, how can I show the value of a learning network in a presentation without getting feedback from a network that I am trying to emulate in all of my professional development, right?

Professional Learning Networks

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I will be adding a video component to this piece (explaining the presentation), but my wife is lying next to me asleep and I don’t think she would look to highly on me getting out my headset and rattling off about learning networks.
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