Cores 1-4:

  1.  AR Update and Partner Points Passes.
    • All books are in by May 11
    • No tests after May 11
    • I will still accept book talks, book reviews, and blog posts until May 25.
    • Modified AR Point Requirements:
      • 21 Points for an A
      •  Lowest setting for your own B level is 11.5
  2. All Personal Curriculum Due by May 28.

Core 1:

  1. First rate discussion and collaboration.
  2. Discuss-on: How easy is it for you to become someone you don’t like?
  3. Read to the end of the chapter in Animal Farm looking for signs of Napoleon becoming something that he would never have imagined at the beginning.

Core 2:

  1. Real Movement Ideas
    • Fleshing out a convention of ideas?
  2. Highlighting an -Ism
  3. Work on your Ism with a specific purpose.

Core 3:

  1. Group A: Read and Discuss the Rumble.
  2. Group B: Start working on a question that interests you, think about slideshare and spresent.
  3. Podcast Discussion Question:
    • The book has always been called a coming-of-age novel. How does Ponyboy come of age?

Core 4:

  1.  First rate discussion and collaboration.
  2. Reflection Question: What is the hardest section to flesh out within your utopia and why?
  3. Work on your Utopia for specific purposes.

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