Before Core Time:

  1. Flesh out icom4students.
    • Start discussions, ask questions, create new pages that you want to talk or think about, figure something out that you want to collaborate on, etc.
  2. Blog about your FutureMe.
  3. Work on either your Utopias or My Meaning or Learnerblogs.

Cores 1, 2, and 4:

  1. Help Mr. Wilkoff name his podcast.
  2. Work on your wiki projects and submit an edit to delicious for Sem2_Week15 or Blog about your FutureMe e-mail.

Core 3:

  1. The Art of Time-Suckage:
    • What is Time Suckage?
    • Why are we drawn to it?
    • How do we combat it?
  2. Options:
    • Work on your Meaning wiki page and submit an edit to delicious for Sem2_Week15.
    • Blog about The Outsiders and submit it to delicious for Sem2_Week15.

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