What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

I hate to resort to cliche, but I’m afraid that there isn’t much that I can do about that now. I have already committed way too too much of my time to choosing a name for a podcast that doesn’t even exist yet. Cameron Reilly over at The Podcast Network in a recent conversation over Skype has charged me with producing a podcast about the following (my words, not his):

Creating an educational movement based upon technology integration, student-directed authentic learning, and anywhere/anytime collaboration. However, this show is not merely for educators, rather it is an easily accessible look at what 21st century classroom are capable of. The show will be grounded in practice rather than theory, so as to convince all of the students, parents, teachers, and bystanders who may still be clinging to the ways in which they have been taught. The show will have an interview-based format, in which I will be probing the experts on what can be done to create change. I will be searching for ways to cultivate School 2.0 in the minds of all who are interested in seeing our children meet their true potential as thinkers, leaders, and doers.

Sounds pretty exciting, right? Well, here is the rub. I have no idea what to call the thing. All of these really terrible names are jumping around in my head asking me to use them for a project that may go on for years. I can’t be tied down like that. I need something clever, something with hope and promise. Not something like the ones I have already written down:

  1. The EdTech Vision Podcast.
  2. The EdTech Community Podcast.
  3. The Open Education Podcast.
  4. The TEACH Podcast (Technology in Education through Authentic Collaboration and Heuristic learning)
  5. Technology in Authentic Education Podcast
  6. The Next Generation of Education Podcast
  7. The Education Collaboration through Technology Integration Podcast
  8. The Education 2.0 Podcast (This one was Cameron’s)
  9. The Educational Technology Collaborative Podcast

None of these will do, mostly because I don’t think that any of them really encompass what we, as a community of teachers and learners, are trying to accomplish in transforming education. So, I put it to you, humble readers. What should a podcast be called that is trying to spearhead an entire movement into a weekly episode. If I am going to envision so much collaboration in the classroom, it had better start with me.


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