Core 1:

  1. Creating interactivity on your wiki using sPresent.
  2. Wiki work and troubleshooting.

Core 2:

  1.  How was your -Ism shaped by the following events:
    • 9/11
    • The first time you got the wind knocked out of you.
    • Your first break-up (with a friend or boy/girlfriend).
    • Your first fight with your parents.
    • A time when you got mad at God or the universe.
    • A time when you thought things were unfair.
    • The first time you got made fun of.
    • [Insert a specific event that you think changed your outlook on the world].
  2. Work on belief statement essays and sPresent interactive answers.

Core 3:

  1. How do you resolve the dilemma of a fight without resorting to violence?
  2. Read “The Good Part.”
    • When is self-defense not really self-defense?

Core 4:

  1. What will you do with your Utopia once it is created?
  2. Work on your Utopia with specific goals like:
    • Finishing a sPresent
    • Finishing the Origins (or another category)
    • Take a screenshot of your planet, flag, etc.

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