Core 1:

  1. What is the easiest way to hide corruption within a society?
  2. Read Chapter 4 in Animal Farm.
  3. Work on utopias.
    • Who in your utopia is corruptible?
    • Figure out your 7+ Commandments.

Core 2:

  1. If this were your metaphor for life, how would you describe it?
  2. Check-In with -Ism. How many projects do you have done (including audio essay)?
  3. Work on -Ism with specific goals.

Core 3:

  1.  What is the one thing that you have hidden from people, hoping that they would never find out about?
  2. Read about Ponyboy and Johnny’s transformation.
    • Can you still be a greaser without the grease?
    • What are the essential parts of your identity?

Core 4:

  1. How do you balance luxury vs. utility in your utopia?
  2. Work on a part of your utopia that hasn’t gotten a lot of love yet:
    1. I. Origins

      II. Population and Demographics

      III. Culture, Social Customs, and Family Structure

      C. Arts and Entertainment:

      IV. Industry, Agriculture, and Geography

      V. Government

      VI. Infrastructure

      VII: Reaction to Society and Other Utopias (You may want to wait until you have finished your reaction novel in order to complete this section)

      IX. Unique Features of this Utopia

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