Web Presence

Web Presence

There is a new type of reputation out there. It lingers and builds long after you you have stopped caring about it. Managing it is hard. Too many elements to focus on, and too little time to maintain them all. So, you do what you can.You look for just the right resources to update at just the right time to get you exposure. You believe that in doing some good, you will get recognized. But this kind of reputation doesn’t work like that. Your expertise can go unrecognized for years. So long as you have a well founded web presence, others will find out just how amazing you are, eventually.

I often think about this digital trail that I am leaving behind. It is amazing to me to know that many of the ideas I am having right now will affect others years from now. I still receive e-mail about a band webpage I put up when I was 16. It is scary how much the internet has a memory. It is cataloging every keystroke I publish. And this is beautiful. The internet knows that my name is associated with my ideas. This makes me truly happy.

So, in an effort to make concrete something that is so disparate, here are the key elements of my web presence (these will have active links in the near future):


  1. Discourse about Discourse: Educasts
  2. Discourse about Discourse: Educasts Digg Page
  3. Weekly Authentic Gcast
  4. Yongesonne Gcast
  5. 2005-2006 Discovery Podcasts


  1. Discourse about Discourse
  2. Daily Lesson Plans
  3. Isabelle’s Dandelife


  1. Academy of Discovery
  2. Discovery -Isms
  3. Discovery Utopias
  4. DC Edusphere
  5. Yongesonne’s Educational Technology Resources
  6. LA Cresthill Collaboration
  7. Lesson Planning Wiki

Social Bookmarking:

  1. WeeklyAuthentic del.icio.us
  2. bhwilkoff del.icio.us

Social Networking:

  1. Myspace
  2. Standpoint
  3. Stop CyberBullying
  4. Facebook


  1. Gmail
  2. Firstclass

Public Accounts at services I regularly use:

  1. Teacher Bloglines
  2. Student Bloglines
  3. Discourse about Discourse Feedburner
  4. Flickr Account
  5. Google Calendar
  6. Google Documents
  7. Google Reader
  8. Conversate
  9. Jotform
  10. Wufoo
  11. Technorati

Number of Google hits for “Ben Wilkoff” – 891.

I hope that none of this comes off sounding narcissistic. This exercise merely meant to show the beginnings of my digital legacy. It is also meant as a challenge for you to estimate your web presence and to start to think about how your digital trail of breadcrumbs will help others down the road.


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  2. Interesting summary of the Digital Identity you are starting to carve our for yourself. Don’t forget to add your appearance on TPN’s Gday World Podcast – that’s how I discovered you.

    I’ve been living the intersection of technology and education stuff you and Cam talked about for the past two years and would be happy to share some of my experience with you as guest on your show. Check out my digital legacy, web presence or identity via feed.mikeseyfang.com.

    I also co-host a TPN podcast (extraordinary.thepodcastnetwork) that is about the intersection of technology and human life.

    Fang – Mike Seyfang

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