Cores 1-4:

I have been looking a lot at our blogging community. I have read and assessed posts. I have worked hard at making sure that everyone is adding, in his/her own way, to this unique opportunity for expression and authenticity. Over and over, I have been surprised at the level of sophistication and emotion that have been poured out onto keyboards both at home and at school. I want to continue this trend this quarter with a challenge for us to knit ourselves even closer together. To find the grassy commons of our digital written words. It is important that this community never become just a copy of what we would normally write down on paper. It must, instead, be the way in which we can all find connection to one another and connection to the outside world. Keeping with this goal, I have decided to put forth a Blogging Image Scavenger Hunt. What I mean by this is that I have collected a list of written images from blogs across our community. I have typed them out as my weekly authentic for this week. It is your job to find the posts within our blogging community that use these images. You must then create a post that uses each image in an authentic piece of your own writing while linking to each other post in the process. Go to my weekly authentic for an example.

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