Blogging Image Scavenger Hunt

Blogging Image Scavenger Hunt

I love looking for fresh images, ones that I haven’t used before in my writing. The trouble is that cliches are so much easier. I can talk about finding needles in a haystack or being dead as a doornail, but these things lack passion, they lack authenticity.

So, I have taken it upon myself to look for better images. And what place is better for this kind of quest than in our writing community? In fact, I know of no other venue so creative and outlandish as to have writing about both ice-block feet and magical coins and keys.

To me, this high level of diverse thought is a direct challenge. It is a test to see how well we can hold together such fantastic ideas while all the while knitting closer together this community of writers. So, I put it to you. Can you find and put the following images together in one of your own authentic posts and link to all of the images that you have found to be useful? If you are the first person to post their scavenger hunt weekly authentic with correct links to each of the written images that you find, you will have the choice to drop any missing assignment you like, take home any book that you like from my bookshelf, or get a gift certificate for a pizza from anywhere you like. There will be five other prizes for the best scavenger hunt entries, so don’t feel like you have to rush through. Also, I would encourage everyone to comment on the posts that they find throughout this process, just to show the writers how much you appreciate their contributions to our community.
Let me first give you an example of what I am talking about:


  1. Salt marks around the eyes (tears).
  2. A flooded parking lot.
  3. Ring of smoke.

I hoped that she couldn’t smell the salt, the eerie distaste in my mouth and around my eyes. I hoped that she didn’t know where I had been, but she could probably tell from my waterlogged sneakers. She had told me not to go out in the deluge that threatened even my eyesight. She had said that I would lose more than I would gain. She was right. She was always right.

This time, though, I knew I had to go. I had to leave, to get away. So, I took my favorite jacket, the one dad gave to me before he moved across the country. It didn’t really protect me from the elements, but it sure did protect me from my mental environment. I left her in her ring of smoke, holding on to the last cigarette she would ever need.

Now you try this Blogging Image Scavenger Hunt for yourself (you must use at least six images):


  1. A bell ringing.
  2. A dirty dog.
  3. Insomnia (lack of sleep).
  4. Broken bone or heart.
  5. The left side of the body.
  6. The beauty of snow.
  7. Running away.
  8. A roof.
  9. A pen or pencil.
  10. Mean brothers or sisters.

Update: You may now take a post your Scavenger hunt and look at the Scavenger Hunt Entries on our community navigator. Look for the posts that you would like to nominate as the best authentic image piece, which we will do next week. Prizes will be awarded at that time.


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