What I’m Using: SpeachNotes (for dictating with amazing accuracy)


I have absolutely never seen a dictation tool for the web that is this good. Wow.


Professional Speech Recognizing Text Editor
Distraction-free, Fast, Easy to Use & Free Web App for Dictation & Typing


Speechnotes is a powerful speech-enabled online notepad, designed to empower your ideas by implementing a clean & efficient design, so you can focus on your thoughts.
We strive to provide the best online dictation tool by engaging cutting-edge speech-recognition technology for the most accurate results technology can achieve today, together with incorporating built-in tools (automatic or manual) to increase users’ efficiency, productivity and comfort.

What I’m Using: Notion.so (for collaborative creations)


It has been a long time since I was last interested in a collaborative “document” creator. I have been exclusively been using Google Docs for years now. Notion is making me think twice about this decision. It is a breath of fresh air, and so long as it continues to develop, I think it could be a really interesting way to collaborate in the future:

Documents reimagined

Beautiful. Lightweight. Always organized. Notion is an expressive and collaborative document editor that gives your ideas a place to grow.


Blog Recommendation: 2 Kinds of People





While I do not often enjoy dichotomies, I find these to be both humorous and rather telling. I think you could use these frequently as a way of starting conversations within professional development or classrooms.


There are only 2 kinds of people in this world, those that find this blog hilarious and those that have no sense of humor whatsoever.

Source: 2 Kinds of People

30 Minute Rabbit Hole: Making a Twitter Bot to generate tweets from the #ISTE2015 hashtag with a Google Spreadsheet




So, I found this amazing tutorial for creating a TwitterBot using Google Spreadsheet. I wanted to put it to good use, so I made a Twitter Bot that leverages the archive of over 117,000 tweets from the #ISTE2015 hashtag. If you are so inclined to see the new insights that are generated from this wealth of knowledge, please feel free to follow @obotmybot.

Introducing the newly upgraded SSBot: A tool for making a Twitter bot with Google Spreadsheets. Version 0.4 fixes some major bugs and adds support for additional bot types.

Source: How to make a Twitter Bot with Google Spreadsheets (version 0.4) | zach whalen

Ask Ben Wilkoff Anything: Launching #AskBenW


I have made videos while driving. I have made slow motion videos of my own facilitation. I have made vlogs in a community of reflective practice. I have even made 6 second videos for a keynote. Suffice it to say, videos are something that I find compelling value within.

However, of late, I have had trouble finding time to make them. By the end of the day I feel as though I don’t have anything left to give. I don’t want to appear haggard on camera and not give everything I have to the creation of something new. That is where this idea came from.

As it turns out, I have a dedicated amount of time between the moment that I park my car and when I arrive at the Denver Public Schools Emily Griffith Campus (my office). Because I park between 4–8 blocks away, it takes me at least 10 minutes to walk in on any given day. I want to use those minutes wisely, as they are incredibly productive because my brain is still fully processing what is coming next.

So, here is what I would like to do:
1. Every morning that I have the inclination, I would like to make a video on my way from my parked car to my office.
2. Each time I make that video, I would like to be answering an important question about our work in DPS or about something going on in the world of education and/or technology.
3. Each time I make that video, I would like to have it ready to upload by the time I walk into the front door.

In order to help me make this happen and create a community to support this practice, here is what I would like you to do:
1. Tweet me questions you have using the hashtag #AskBenW
2. Watch some (or all) of the videos and comment upon them as you see fit.
3. Create your own #Ask[WhateverYourNameIs] hashtags and let folks ask you questions too.

I hope this idea isn’t too crazy or too out there for you. I hope this idea makes you want to create videos as it helps me to create my own. Thank you for taking part in this experiment.

What I’m Learning About: Remote Control Motion for iPhone & GoPro: Motrr Galileo


I’m intrigued by how this tool can be used for capturing learning.

Galileo has many uses. It is an app-driven, motorized mount that lets you control the orientation of your iPhone or GoPro. It can be directly programmed to follow specific motion paths, or controlled remotely from most handheld devices from anywhere in the world!

Source: Remote Control Motion for iPhone & GoPro: Motrr Galileo

What I’m Using: Google Classroom- Creating a Discussion Board via @alicekeeler


I found this use of google spreadsheets to be pretty amazing, especially with how it interfaces with classroom so well.


The advantage to using a spreadsheet for discussions is… it is a spreadsheet!! Google Sheets are in your Google Drive, easy to locate. It can be embeded into another website or linked to from just about anything. Information in the spreadsheet can be sorted and organized. Formulas can be applied, Add-On’s can be used, charts can be generated. Since the discussion board is not in another platform, it is easy to save the discussion board.

Source: Google Classroom: Creating a Discussion Board

Bud Hunt’s Future Ready Schools Denver Summit Keynote (Audio Only)


I love it when Bud Hunt speaks words out of his mouth. Occasionally I get to hear them in the same room. Very occasionally, I get to record those words and share them with others. I hope you listen to this and I hope you learn from his challenge: Stop waiting for tomorrow’s stuff to do what you can do now to create change.

“My teacher thought I was smarter than I was… so I was.”