Writing to Have Written

Writing to Have Written

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I deeply believe in the idea that no one actually wants to write a book.

They want to HAVE WRITTEN a book.

They want the destination more than the process. They want the comfort and resolution that comes from having completed the work. They do not revel the toil. They do not want the discomfort that comes from unresolved characters or un-researched topics.

And when I say them, I really mean me too. I too do not want the process to be so daunting and to cause so much frustration and to feel like it will never end. I too will shy away from large projects, knowing that they are very likely never to reach their conclusion.

And yet, the writing process is where the best bits of learning are. They it is were the most compelling art lives. It is also where the joy of figuring out who you are can be found. And so, I must trust that somewhere in there, a final work will reside. That there will be enough love and wonder and growth in the middle to help guide the way to the end.

You see: I am in process.

Of writing a book. Of starting a podcast. Of saving a marriage. Of going on international travel. Of building a life.

I want to HAVE LIVED. But, I also want to BE ALIVE.

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