#WHOISaps: When will teachers have enough time?

Joelle Warsh, technology teacher and coach at Boston Elementary, discusses the real purpose behind using tech in classrooms and the best ways for teachers to find time for learning from and with children in the process.

#WHOISaps: How can we inspire students to be self-directed learners?

Marcelina Rivera, Chief of Staff for Aurora Public Schools, discusses what truly inspires children to learn and teachers to teach. She also questions the ways in which we can use all of the resources and relationships at our disposal to support learners.

“Learning is a relationship…”

#WHOISaps: How do we create opportunities to celebrate our kids?

Ran Jung, Principal of APS Online HS, defines Blended and Personalized Learning and the ways in which relationships between teachers and students can provide for better opportunities for learning. She also goes into the ways in which we might better “write our own story” with celebrations.

#WHOISaps: How can we make better connections with our students?

Joshua Kusch, PWR Specialist for Aurora Public Schools, reveals how he sees learning as a problem solving endeavor. He also goes into the ways in which we can continue to make stronger connections with our students, no matter which role we may find ourselves in.

#WHOISaps: What are our expectations for teachers?

Jennifer Andrews, Art Teacher at Dalton Elementary in Aurora Public Schools, dives into the ways in which we can better engage our students in collaboration and connection in our classrooms. She also questions how we can better set expectations for teachers in our district.

#WHOISaps: How do we see each other as whole people?

Stella Cypher, Educational Technology Coordinator in Aurora Public Schools, discusses the ways in which we can make learning more relevant for students through empathy. She also asks an important questions regarding our own assumptions for others who are supporting teachers and leaders in schools.

#WHOISaps: Where Should Learners Go When they Need to Ask a Question?

In this far too brief interview, Julius Vaughns, Communications Specialist in Aurora Public Schools, urges us to consider the ways in which we commit to kids. Even in roles that are outside of the school, he encourages each of us to support learning and learners every day.

#WHOISaps: What do our kids and families need?

Jan Parker, Educational Technology Coordinator for Aurora Public Schools, asks how we might solve for more systemic problems through educational support and partnerships. She also tries to tackle the role of technology in the classroom, and how it can be a transformative force for teachers.

#WHOISaps: How can we be truly equitable in our schools?

Tina Green, Department Secretary for Educational Technology in Aurora Public Schools, discusses how we can better create equitable outcomes for all kids by meeting student needs with the right tools and resources. She also provides personal insight for how parents can make choices for which schools to send their children to based upon the relationships that are made between teachers and students.

#WHOISaps: How can students adapt their plans for learning as they grow?

Gwynn Moore, technology teacher at Aurora Frontier P-8, discusses the ways in which Blended and Personalized Learning can help meet the needs of students. She also dives into the ways in which plans (and planning in general) can be supported by teachers and leaders even as they change as the student changes.