The Commute

The Commute

My commute is long and I’m trying to make it shorter.

I’m looking for any route I can find that will shave off an additional minute. I just hooked up my bike rack (and put my Gary Fisher on it) to cut down the time between my car and my office. I am experimenting with different times to leave in the morning and afternoon.

My personal best is 27 minutes driving and 10 minutes walking in the morning, and just three minutes more in the afternoon. This may not seem like a lot, but when you are wanted home by three lovely children and wife, there is no amount of time that I can cut out that will be wasted.

And that is why change is hard. I don’t want to waste time and certainly don’t want to give more of myself to things that don’t provide lasting value for myself or others (most of all, my family).

I can listen to podcasts and books and music on my cummute, but it isn’t the same as seeing my kids for more hours of their waking lives. They will only be 4 and 9 and 11 for so long, and I can’t imagine missing any more of it than I have to.

And Kara…

I want to provide for our needs. I want to be with her. And not just for the moments when we are both exhausted from our days.

So, I strive on to cut out another 30 seconds on my commute. Let me know if you have any time warping techniques.

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