The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter


I’ve been looking forward to making this announcement for 2 and half months, and I’ve finally gotten approval to make it happen. After 5 interview rounds and two on-site visits, I can say these words: I have a new job!

And in so many ways, it is truly NEW.

  • Working in Higher Education will be NEW.
  • Working with Post-graduate Instructors will be NEW.
  • Working in and developing a VR/Simulation lab will be NEW.
  • Working on a Medical Campus will be NEW.
  • Working with students who pay tuition will be NEW.
  • Working with a single school to achieve their outcomes for Digital Education will be NEW.

My new gig is as the Program Manager of Digital Education and Academic Technologies at the University of Colorado Anschutz campus.

My job description says I’ll be doing this:

The Program Manager of Digital Education & Academic Technologies serves as the School’s digital academic technology officer/lead. The Program Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of digital education, digital media, and faculty, staff and student training on new academic technologies introduced to the curriculum. In order to support an integral component of the Innovation Initiative, the Program Manager is responsible for creating an innovative teaching and learning environment. The Program Manager provides strategic leadership in planning for and implementing new digital learning technologies, providing expertise in instructional design, digital media, and project management, as well as the assessment, deployment, and management of emerging educational innovations. The Program Manager is responsible for developing and directing the School’s digital education and academic technology strategic plan.

That is a whole lot of NEW stuff to be thinking about and creating, but I am so looking forward to learning and leading in a brand new arena. I know I have a long way to go before I am an expert in this new context, but I have a strong foundation for teaching and learning from my K-12 experience. I am looking to leverage my entire network to better support my new stakeholders: Students and Staff in CU’s School of Dental Medicine.

Thank you to everyone who supported me in my search for a new gig. It has helped more than you can ever know!

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