The Wind

The Wind

Sometimes wind is flying directly at our faces, making it hard to see ahead. Other times it is at our backs, making everything easier to move forward. Whatever way the wind is blowing, know there are people alongside you, locking arms and making progress.

Making Student Feedback Work

How can we listen to our students better, especially about what they want in their classrooms from teachers and learning experiences? This research helps to tell that narrative.

New languages now supported in Google Docs and Slides files, as well as Docs editors templates

Great news for our kids who need language support in our classrooms and schools! You can create templates in kids’ native languages and do better translation using Google Docs features.

K-12 Policy Updates: Mandatory Fall Reading for Every Education Entrepreneur – EdSurge News

Sometimes educational policy that affects our classrooms flies under the radar. This summary and analysis is an attempt at making sure that doesn’t happen.

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