We CAN do a lot of things to support our students. We SHOULD do everything we can to keep our kids safe. But, what WILL we do to empower them, to build their future alongside them?

How would you finish this statement?


MIA in School: Instilling a Sense of Purpose in Students – EdSurge News

I really like this statement: ‘Purpose is not something we can give students, but it is something we can help them find.’

Digital Portfolios + Micro-credentials = Massive Impact for Students & Teachers

It is so valuable to see both student and adult learning mirror one another in our schools. We are all learners, and using the same tools and ways of learning helps to emphasize that.

Create your own ‘My School App’ in Google Slides for mobile devices #edtech

A really cool example of just how easy the tools for creation, collaboration, and communication are within our classrooms and schools.

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