Destination Collaboration

Destination Collaboration

At this point, collaboration is not optional, not for students and certainly not for educators. But seeking it is not always easy, and it requires us to be humble learners much of the time. I’m okay with that.

Collaboration is not created by the arrangement of desks.

It is always good to remember that flexible seating is not a panacea. Rather, student collaboration is something to build toward by creating the culture of the classroom.

Google Calendar on the web gets a fresh new look

I’m so excited for this update! It will have one of my favorite features from Outlook, side-by-side calendars. It will also look and feel more modern and responsive. Look for it soon.

Designing Group Projects So That Everyone Participates

Group Work is an essential component of most classrooms, but it requires design. Here are some resources and reflection on doing just that.

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