How many of our kids walk into the classroom and wonder what they are going to build or create today? How many of them wonder at the solutions they come up with to complex problems? How many of them wonder at the process of learning and growth each day?

Is Homework Compatible With Personalized Learning? – EdSurge News

Autumn Hillis attempts to answer an essential question about personalized learning in her classroom, “What message does it send our students when we only personalize learning from 8AM-3PM, and then send everyone home with the same worksheet for homework?”

Recorded Trainings

As we consider the strategic inclusion of G Suite for education tools In classrooms across the district, we sometimes need more than just a help sheet. So, we can turn to other districts for inspiration and learning. In this Ohio District, they have created a library of Video PD sessions that are freely available to us. Enjoy!

Impacted Own Learning

This is a global survey of educators talking about the impact of technology on Learning, both Professional Learning and the learning of students. I highly recommend taking a look at the anecdotes/data captured here, and seeing if your experiences match.

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