The Other Side

The Other Side

Yesterday, I spoke with a superintendent in Singapore via video conference alongside many other APS educators. He was on the other side of the world, and we were learning from him.

It made me think: “When did Singapore get so close to Aurora, CO?”

Creating a Learning Orientation Versus a Performance Orientation

This fits really well with our Cultures of Thinking work. What kinds of questions are your kids asking most often: Performance questions or Learning questions?

Reflection Facilitated by QR Codes

Reflection is such a huge part of learning, and yet we often find ourselves skipping it because of time constraints. This tech-infused suggestion provides for quick access to reflection questions for kids on their work.

7 Strategies for Personal Professional Learning

Barbara Bray has been writing about how to make learning personal for over a decade and she just keeps digging in deeper. This time she is looking at ways of making Professional Learning more personal, starting with “Teachers are learners too.”

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