We can’t predict what will happen this year or next. However, everything we do today will make a difference. The words we say and actions we take will lead to what happens next, like making hundreds of tiny bets on the future. What are your bets?

What Personalized Learning Is Not – EdSurge News

A great summary of Personalized Learning that helps to reclaim the term from those trying to use it for anything other than empowering kids and teachers

Misinterpreting the Growth Mindset: Why We’re Doing Students a Disservice

Growth mindset is a powerful idea to help students stretch themselves and learn more than they ever thought possible. However, this is only if the idea is fully understood and utilized.

Don’t Sell Your Soul or Students to an Edtech Brand

A strong educator reflection about how we think critically about the tools we utilize and promote in our classrooms and schools.

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