I am happiest when I create. But, only when that creation is in the service of solving for an identified need or answering authentic questions. Creating things that no one asked for brings no satisfaction. Are we listening to needs or creating to create?

Using Technology Doesn’t Make You Innovative

Is the technology in your school helping you do things you couldn’t do before, or is it replacing paper and pencil to do the same tasks? This post helps us consider this question and a few other important ones too.

3 Chrome Extensions that Make Google Classroom Even More Awesome!

Google classroom already does so much to support student learning, but here are three important ways of making that process easier and more effective.

My Classroom Charts Blog: How to make your own

Never underestimate the power of sharing your classroom with others. The simple act of taking pictures of your chart paper and making them available online can inspire fellow teachers and engage your students. Here is a great example of doing just that!

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