“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is often interpreted that you should choose a path others don’t. But, the poem states both paths were worn “really about the same.” The moral is to actively choose your path, not to belabor forks in the road.

Why Late Adopters Are Skeptical of Edtech (and How to Get Them on Board) – EdSurge News

One 28-year veteran of teaching tells his story for how technology became an essential tool for learning in his classroom, even as a “late adopter.” I aspire to his expertise and deep commitment to kids.

#BathroomPD InStallment #1, #2 Soon!

I don’t recommend PD in a bathroom stall to everyone, but I do recognize that we need to look for innovative ways of finding professional learning that is relevant for us. What are the unique spaces you are learning within?

Generations Will Not Be Destroyed by Smartphones

A great educator response to the (by now) famous Atlantic article about how cell phones are having a negative effect on our kids. I love the community, educator, and parental responsibility she advocates for here.

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