I plug in my phone every night. It is a habit that I don’t even think about any more. I have to think far more about my own batteries that need recharging. Mostly, I have long talks with my wife or listen to podcasts as I wash dishes. How do you recharge?

6 End-Of-Year Google Classroom Clean-up Tips

Great advice for how to clean up your Google Classroom now that the kids (or adult learners) are gone.It will make it a lot easier to manage when you come back too!

Supporting Digital Citizenship Development as a School Counselor

All of the roles in a school can support our students in becoming citizens, even with their digital tools. Many kids need models for how they should interact with one another online, and a school counselor can be a great resource to do just that!

Badge Wiki

I really love the idea of creating ‘knowledge repositories’ for important work, (in this case, digital badging). As the school year ends, how are we capturing all that we have learned into a repository for others to learn from?

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