We Care

We Care

We take student learning seriously, and we care deeply for getting it right. This care is manifest in every conversation I have with a principal or teacher. It is what continues to drive our district story forward. It teaches me every day to, ‘Care more.’

Student led learning design

Students, even our youngest, have the ability to design and create amazing things. In particular, they have the ability to solve for their own needs in the classroom. Check out what they came up with!

Ask an Educator Podcast Series

Some great podcast episodes about Professional Learning and Micro-credentials (Digitial Badging). The key question that they answer is ‘how do we best honor and value the time and effort that educators are making for improving their craft?’

Technology Curriculum

Project-based Digital Skills curriculum from Google. This content allows kids to experience collaborative document writing, research, and presentation of ideas in a project-based way, solving problems and working with one another. It is easy to use too!

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